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“Chimpanzee Chronicles” , un libro testimonio

Debra Rosenman es una escritora y militante por los derechos de los animales que ha estado reuniendo historias conmovedoras sobre chimpances cautivos en distintos paises del mundo para llevarlas a un libro. Esta es la campana para recolectar fondos que permitan ver el dia a la publicacion.

“A New Book

The Chimpanzee Chronicles: Spellbinding Stories from Behind the Bars

My name is Debra Rosenman and I am a writer and animal advocate. With an unyielding passion for captive chimpanzees, I have been speaking out on their behalf for over a decade. Awakening to the grave issues facing captive chimpanzees today, I conceived the idea of sharing these truths in one book. After many years of collecting stories, The Chimpanzee Chronicles is ready to be birthed into the world!

Tapping into the collective power of twenty-six global voices, The Chimpanzee Chronicles will take you on an emotional journey, revealing the truth of what it’s like for chimpanzees to be raised as babies in human families, used as performers in the entertainment industry and exploited as science projects in medical research.

This unique anthology of original stories, written by primatologists, sanctuary founders/directors, veterinarians, care givers, and filmmakers, has the power to effect change for captive chimpanzees. Some stories will shock you, some will amuse you, but all will open your heart to reconsider our relationship with these highly intelligent and sensitive beings.

My hope is that The Chimpanzee Chronicles will inspire deep reflection about the humane and ethical responsibilities we have as human beings to care for captive chimpanzees in need and the compassionate actions we can take today to effect lasting change for them.

We owe chimpanzees the dignity and freedom that is their birthright. In the powerful documentary, The Journey of Forgiveness, in which indigenous Americans share their boarding school experiences, Native American professor Raymond Reyes articulated, “Truth is the precondition to justice, justice a precondition to reconciliation and healing.” Every being, including chimpanzees, has the inalienable right to be safe, free and live in peace. The Chimpanzee Chronicles reveals an irrefutable truth. I believe that healing and reconciliation for captive chimpanzees is within our reach.”


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